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Choosing a financial product or service doesn’t have to be difficult. At Thrive Kick, you can quickly compare rates and make well-informed financial decisions. From mortgages and personal loans, to business loans and insurance plans, we’re still in the business of helping people find the best deals on the products and services they need.

There are dozens of brands offering product and services online, but it can be difficult to filter through the endless information to decide which option is best for you. We have created comparison tools to help you compare key elements and features, and make an informed financial decision. Our goal is to save you time and money by simplifying and clarifying the decision process, while choosing a service or product that best suits your needs.

Free, No Obligation
Our service is completey free. There is no obligation to hire the companies in our network.
Fast Process
Instead of checking rates on each company's website, we let you do that all in one place.
Real Savings
One of the best ways to save money is to get multiple quotes. We make that process simple.
Real Choice
Compare rates from hundreds of top financial companies - all in one easy-to-use platform.
Expert Analysis
We research hundreds of companies for you and compare them side-by-side.
Compare Rates
Our side-by-side comparison tool makes it easy to compare lenders, rates, terms, and more.

You need financial help. We make it simple.

Personal Loans

Fund a major purchase. Pay off unexpected expenses. Consolidate debt. Take charge of your finances today.

Insurance Plans

No matter where you live or what you drive, we’ll help you save money on an insurance policy that is right for you.

Mortgage Loans

New programs are available, minimum credit scores are coming down & more applicants are being approved.

Business Loans

Get business funding that’s fast, flexible and covers your needs — from everyday expenses to capital improvements.

Debt Consolidation

Lump your debt together, get a better interest rate and pay what you owe in fixed monthly installments you can manage.

How It Works

Answer Questions
Tell us a little about what you're looking for.
Take just two minutes to answer questions about yourself. This service is free, and it won't affect your credit score.
Shop and Compare
Compare services. Make a decision in minutes.
Get prequalified and compare offers based on the things that matter to you, like APR and monthly payments.
Save Money
Find a match and save hundreds every year.
Compare multiple offers and choose the one that's best for you. When companies compete for you business, you save.

Get the tools, information, and insight you need to make the right financial moves.

We’ll help you make the right financial decisions.

Thrive Kick harnesses the power of the information economy to help consumers make the best financial decisions possible. Whether you’re shopping for the best rate on a car insurance policy or the lowest APR on a mortgage, Thrive Kick’s proprietary software scours the market and brings the most competitive offers to your fingertips. In addition, we offer in-depth analysis and comparison tools, arming you with the knowledge to make smart decisions in the market.

With so many brands promoting so many products and services with slick marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to sift through the noise and make informed decisions that best suit your needs and goals. Thrive Kick simplifies the process by giving you the information you need in a straightforward manner that makes it easy to conduct side-by-side, apples-to-apples comparisons of various offers. Our goal is to help you make the best financial decisions while saving not just money but also time and energy.

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